Del Posto

Del Posto offers delicious Italian fare that dabbles in gastronomy (moreso than other Batali & Bastianich restaurants) but the menu still retains the mark of a more traditional Italian restaurant. The hearty tasting menu will not leave you disappointed (or hungry). I was sad to read that Chef Mark Ladner will be leaving to focus on his fast casual concept, Pasta Flyer, but I have high hopes for his replacement, Melissa Rodriguez, and her new menu.

Lasagna inspired this blog, and the 100 Layer Lasagna Ladner popularized at Del Posto is a great place to start for my first posted review. That dish, as well as the Orecchiette with Lamb Neck Ragu and Orange Carrots were my two favorite pastas, but the entire menu was excellent.

Arguably the most impressive aspect of Del Posto, though, is the service and welcoming atmosphere. Many high-end restaurants give off a pretentious air, whereas Del Posto manages to make you feel appreciated whether you’ve dined at Michelin-quality restaurants your entire life or if it’s your first time. Furthermore, at a recent dinner celebrating my father’s birthday, no less than six or seven different members of the staff wished him a happy birthday (including the host almost as soon as we walked in the door). The restaurant was also able to accommodate us by seating us at one of the banquettes I requested, and topped off the meal with a complimentary dessert complete with candle and “Happy Birthday” chocolate garnish. The cordial members of the Del Posto team made us feel as though we had been dining there for years.

Del Posto won’t be in the discussion as a pioneer of molecular gastronomy, but the comfortable balance struck between familiar Italian recipes and calculated modern twists is delightful, and, when combined with the almost unparalleled service, led to a phenomenal dining experience and one I would highly recommend to others, especially for celebrations. Perhaps it is a bit grandiose for everyday dining needs, but when the occasion calls for it, look no further than Del Posto.


  • Rating: 4/4 Stars
  • Pricing: $$$$ (Zagat)
  • Food: Italian
  • Dress Code: Business Casual / Elegant Casual
  • Neighborhood: Chelsea
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @delposto

Rating System Guidelines:
4 Stars: outstanding, cannot wait to return
3 Stars: great, would be happy to return
2 Stars: good, though not necessary to seek out
1 Star: forgettable, ought to dine elsewhere

My rating is meant to account for not just the quality of the meal and experience, but also the value, without favoring the ultra expensive. In other words, a high-end restaurant (e.g. Del Posto) and a casual eatery (e.g. BaoHaus) can both receive 4/4 stars, even though they are extremely different atmospheres and the former is clearly “nicer.”



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