Murray’s Cheese Bar

I love Murray’s Cheese Shop and had very high expectations for Murray’s Cheese Bar but was disappointed with both the quality of the meal and the service.

While our server was very friendly and extremely polite (especially considering the majority of my party showed up late), he encouraged us to over-order. We all ordered brunch entrees and wanted to start with the Cheesemonger’s Choice board with five cheeses, but he persuaded us to go with eight cheeses even though we voiced reservations it may be too much food. My friends and I are not dainty eaters, but we couldn’t finish it all. We were also frustrated that the cheese was brought at the same time as our entrees, even though it was intended to be an appetizer. Furthermore, several entrees arrived lukewarm, so we hurried to eat them before they got cold, and then finished our meal with the cheese board instead. I was not a big fan of my Alpine Eggs, as they were meant to be poached but were cooked through and the muffin underneath was very soggy; I’m sure the dish would have been tastier had it been executed better.

The Cheesemonger’s Choice was delicious, but Murray’s Cheese Bar has room to improve as a restaurant. I’ll likely stick to Murray’s Cheese Shop in the future, and go elsewhere when dining out.




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