Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

It’s challenging to find a wine bar in midtown that doesn’t feel like it’s in midtown, and in that regard I don’t think Aldo Sohm Wine Bar is particularly successful. That being said, Aldo Sohm is so successful in creating an approachable channel for oenophiles and novices alike to drink excellent wine and sample Eric Ripert‘s food without a trip to Le Bernardin, that I couldn’t care less.

Everyone we interacted with was lovely, from the maitre d’  to Aldo himself, whom we met upon entering, and who seemed concerned it took more than 5 seconds for a member of his staff to greet us. We were planning to order a bottle of Malbec, and our server easily navigated the menu and helped us settle on a $60 un-oaked Argentinean bottle that we loved (2015 Colome Malbec). With respect to the food, we liked the House-Made “Tuna in a Can” tartine and loved the Whole Baked Cauliflower, but my coq au vin-style drumstick was unfortunately dry.

I happen to work nearby, and will certainly be back to try a few other dishes, and, more importantly,  a few (or many) other wines with the aid of friendly and educated staff.

PS. If you enjoyed this review, you may also enjoy my 5 star review of Le Bernardin.



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